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In this new age of uncertainty, there is the real possibility of finding yourself without electricity.

Geo-political tensions, paired with the current competition of nations to grab gas and oil, are causing the costs of bills for families and small businesses to skyrocket.

The climate crisis has also led to exceptional weather events that damage infrastructure and power lines.

Despite the 87 million barrels of oil that are still sold every day around the world, the energy that used to flow with ease and without limitets into our homes can no longer to be taken for granted.

Barrel TM has successfully reinvented the use of these barrels, a symbol of the fossil industry since 1860.

The solution is Barrel TM , the photovoltaic solar electricity generator with lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4), producing clean, low-cost energy.

Barrel TM is a brilliant and immediate solution for powering homes, offices and small businesses. 

Barrel TM reduces the consumption costs of refrigeratorsair conditioners, electric boilers and heaters. Barrel TM also charges bikesscooters and small electric cars.

Upon arrival, with plastic-free packaging, the set-up and installation is beyond simple. Open up the lightweight solar panels and attach the plug. Seeing that it’s disconnected from the network, Barrel TM does not require permits, and it’s also designed for the possible connection to your backup generator.

In emergency situations, when you need to act quickly, Barrel TM is easily transported and quickly installed, bringing immediate help to the population.

Barrel TM is repairable, recyclable, and robust. Made in Italy, it has style and does not fear water and dust. Barrel TM is also protected against theft and tampering.

Barrel TM works with any photovoltaic panel, but it becomes even simpler when combined with ultra-lightweight panels because they are quickly installed with small metal cables, dowels, and double-sided adhesive tape on roofs, walls or wherever you want.

Barrel TM was awarded the prize of “best energy storage system” by PV magazine, a leading magazine in the industry.

Save money, and become independent by protecting yourself against blackouts.

The sun belongs to everyone, and Barrel TM is the simplest and most competitive solution on the market.

A reliable cutting-edge pre-packaged battery energy solar system solution, with unparalleled quality and design up to 5000 W solar panels.

Barrel’s versatility offers the user a rapid solution to the lack of electricity from the national grid. When there is no network, Barrel operates without any blackouts. Easily repairable and implementable.

Barrel's flexible and light panels are easy to place anywhere without the cost of an installer. Everything is simple and Plug&Play.

5 kVA mono-phase was designed to ensure a continuous power supply from the sun, through the battery bank, and through an automatic generator starting function as the last option. 

It is equipped with 3.55 kWh 90% DoD LiFePO4 batteries BMS-controlled safety, long life, and lightning-fast charging performance.

Real-time Wifi access to battery State of Charge, Voltage, Current, and Temperature status. APP Google Store. 

With UN 3480, Class 9 Lithium batteries.

The barrel is the simple turnkey solution to an increasingly complicated problem.

Dimensions : 572L x 572W x 850H mm  Weight : 49 kg 


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> Easy to place anywhere without an installer.

Little manual skills are enough to make it work. In case, get help. You don't need an expensive installer. The portable solution makes it convenient for temporary installations that do not require authorizations, being disconnected from the network.

> Repairable, recyclable, secure.

Completely repairable and recyclable in all its parts. Barrel has its handy lock crown to which you can apply a sturdy padlock useful against battery theft and tampering. We do not use plastic in our packaging.

> Quality at an affordable cost.

The Barrel's price is really competitive because we have great economies of scale by focusing on just one product. Lithium batteries Tier 1. Cables and connectors come from Switzerland. European Quality.

> Made in Tallinn, Europe.

The whole system is then wired in Tallinn, tested and packaged for shipping by the team led by Yunis and Polina. On each Barrel you will find the name of the person who assembled it, serial number and is contact.

The winner is... BARREL
The best in 2020.

“An innovative product designed to allow the quick deployment of systems while maintaining scalability,” says BESS juror Chris Wright.

“The hybrid controller that supports integration of solar PV, battery storage, a diesel genset, and flexibility for on-grid or offgrid installations provides substantial flexibility in system configuration and applications.”

Barrel was awarded as the best Battery Energy Storage System by PV Magazine, the leading specialized newspaper in the sector.

| The Economist

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